First Post and Travel Report Intro

Since this is my first (travel) posting,  just a quick heads-up: Our trip reports are *essential* travel summaries. So short and to the point of what we did and liked and wanted to see. They are not gonna be complete nor an instruction how to get a leisurely and slow-paced trip.

All reviews are split into several sections:

  1. Our own travel schedule, sorted by each day and highlighting  what we saw and recommend or [don’t recommend]. We usually add a list of great photo spots.
  2. Eat – Travelling is about trying new things. That means food as well. Our sample of what we really liked (or hated) in the destinations
  3. Plan – Our thoughts on transporation arrangements, hotels, and all other stuff you need to fill a form for. Some organizing in advance cannot be avoided, although it takes some of the fun out of the trip.
  4. Avoid – That’s the bad stuff. What you really should avoid.


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