Glasgow Patter

I used to be in Glasgow quite often due to my work and studies, but I never spent much free time in the city. So I decided to change this and got in touch with friends who also work or live in the area and we all met up for a weekend. Scotland and the … More Glasgow Patter

Taking it Slow on a Weekend in Cornwall

Cornwall is a county in the far-west of south England, famous for its beautiful fishing villages, the impressive coastal scenery, the unique Cornish attitude of its inhabitants, and for being inspiration and setting of many famous writers such as Thomas Hardy, Conan Doyle, and – of course – the (in)famous Rosamunde Pilcher. 😉 This last … More Taking it Slow on a Weekend in Cornwall

Under the Tuscan Sun

A visit to Tuscany is every photographers dream. The hilly, lush landscapes with endless  fields of poppies, sunflowers, and lavender are the perfect backdrop for amazing sunrises and sunsets, my favorite moments of every single day. The region is also the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and has been home to many historic figures such … More Under the Tuscan Sun