Geneva on a Weekend

End of August we took a spontanenous trip to Geneva in Switzerland. Geneva is a truly multinational city, a financial hub located right in between Switzerland and France. It is a neural network of diplomacy, with many NGOs, the U.N. and the red cross located here. It hosts the highest number of international agencies in … More Geneva on a Weekend

Patagonia in 14 days

  Patagonia was one of our long time dream destinations. Covering the countries Chile and Argentina, both marvellous in their own right, with landscapes that made each picture perfect, no matter the skill of the one shooting. 😉 This tour requires a bit more planning, due to the complex arrangements around a trip to the … More Patagonia in 14 days

Buenos Aires in 2 Days

Buenos Aires was the first stop on our Patagonia trip. For the full trip details, please check this post. “Larger than life, Buenos Aires never fails to fascinate travelers. […] The magic of the city comes from its remarkable diversity.“ That quote fits quite well and with its diverse neighborhoods, BA offers something for everyone and … More Buenos Aires in 2 Days